Carex section Echinochlaenae

Carex comans, copyright Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Belongs within: Carex subgenus Carex.

The section Echinochlaenae of the genus Carex is a group of sedges in which the inflorescence is a compound raceme or cluster of spikes, the utricle-beak is short, and there are two or three stigmas (Moore & Edgar 1970).

Carex sect. Echinochlaenae
|--C. (ser. Aculeatae) dipsacea Berggren 1878 [incl. C. tahoata Hamlin 1968]ME70
|--C. ser. ApproximataeME70
| |--C. raoulii Boott in Hooker 1853 [incl. C. mcmahoni Petrie 1926]ME70
| |--C. testacea Boott in Hooker 1853ME70, HE80
| `--C. wakatipu Petrie 1882ME70
|--C. (ser. Barystachyae) goyenii Petrie 1882ME70
|--C. ser. CirrhosaeME70
| |--C. albula Allan 1947 [incl. C. comans var. stricta Cheesem. 1892]ME70
| |--C. buchananii Berggren 1880 (see below for synonymy)ME70
| |--C. cirrhosa Berggren 1878 [incl. C. cirrhosa var. lutescens Kükenthal in Cheeseman 1906]ME70
| |--C. comans Berggren 1878 (see below for synonymy)ME70
| `--C. fretalis Hamlin 1968ME70
|--C. ser. DissitaeME70
| |--C. chathamica Petrie 1915ME70
| |--C. dallii Kirk 1894 [incl. C. gibbsii Petrie 1914]ME70
| |--C. dissita Boott in Hooker 1853ME70, HE80 [incl. C. dissita var. monticola Kükenthal in Cheeseman 1906ME70]
| |--C. lambertiana Boott in Hooker 1853 [=G. dissita var. lambertiana (Boott) Cheesem. 1884]ME70
| |--C. ochrosaccus (Cheeseman) Hamlin 1968 [=C. dissita var. ochrosaccus Clarke ex Cheeseman 1906]ME70
| |--C. solandri Boott in Hooker 1853 [=C. dissita var. solandri (Boott) Kük. 1909]ME70
| `--C. ventosa Clarke in Cheeseman 1906 [incl. C. mcclurgii Petrie 1926]ME70
|--C. ser. FlagelliferaME70
| |--C. devia Cheeseman 1883ME70
| `--C. flagellifera Colenso 1884 [incl. C. lucida Boott in Hook. f. 1853 non Clairv. 1811]ME70
|--C. ser. LitorosaeME70
| |--C. litorosa Bailey 1889 (see below for synonymy)ME70
| |--C. longiculmis Petrie 1882ME70
| `--C. plesiostachys Clarke in Cheeseman 1906ME70, C06
`--C. ser. UncifoliaeME70
|--C. berggrenii Petrie 1886ME70
|--C. decurtata Cheeseman 1892 [incl. C. cryptocarpa Cheeseman 1884 non Mey. 1831]ME70
|--C. druceana Hamlin 1968ME70
| |--C. d. var. druceanaHE80
| `--C. d. var. astonii (Hamlin) Edgar in Moore & Edgar 1970HE80 [=C. astonii Hamlin 1968ME70]
|--C. edgarae Hamlin 1968ME70
|--C. filamentosa Petrie 1916ME70
|--C. hectori Petrie 1895ME70
|--C. libera (Kükenthal) Hamlin 1968 [=C. uncifolia var. libera Kükenthal 1909]ME70
|--C. petriei Cheeseman 1884ME70
|--C. rubicunda Petrie 1899 (see below for synonymy)ME70
|--C. traversii Kirk 1894ME70
`--C. uncifolia Cheeseman 1884 [incl. C. cardrona Hamlin 1955]ME70

Carex buchananii Berggren 1880 [=C. lucida var. buchanani (Berggren) Kük. 1909; incl. C. tenax Bergg. 1878 non Champm. ex Dew. 1855]ME70

Carex comans Berggren 1878 [incl. C. cheesemanii Petrie 1883, C. comans var. cheesemanii (Petrie) Kük. 1909, C. pulchella Bergg. 1878 non Nyland. 1863, C. comans var. pulchella (Bergg.) Clarke in Cheesem. 1906]ME70

Carex litorosa Bailey 1889 [incl. C. australis Kirk 1894 non Link ex Boeck. 1877, C. littoralis Petrie 1883 non Krock. 1814]ME70

Carex rubicunda Petrie 1899 [=C. petriei var. rubicunda (Petrie) Kük. 1909; incl. C. novae-zelandiae Petrie 1893 non Boeck. 1878]ME70

*Type species of generic name indicated


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