Carphurus sp., copyright Teale Britstra.

Belongs within: Malachiinae.

Carphurus is a genus of soft-bodied beetles with shortened elytra. Antennae are not flabellate and the head is usually more or less convex in males (Lea 1909). The species C. myrmecophilus was described by Lea (1919) from specimens collected in a nest of the meat ant Iridomyrmex purpureus.

|--C. alterniventris Fairm. 1879L09
|--C. angustatus Lea 1895L09
|--C. apicalis Macleay 1872M86
|--C. apiciventris Lea 1895 [incl. C. apiciventris var. dubius Lea 1895]L09
|--C. armipennis Fairm. 1879L09
|--C. atricapillis Lea 1909L09
|--C. atronitens Fairm. 1879L09
|--C. azureipennis Macleay 1872M86
|--C. basipennis Fairm. 1879L09
|--C. basiventris Lea 1895L09
|--C. bifoveatus Lea 1895L09
|--C. blackburni Lea 1895L09
|--C. cervicalis Germar 1848L09
|--C. cristatifrons Fairm. 1877L09
|--C. cyaneipennis Macleay 1872M86 [incl. C. cyaneipennis var. aeneipennis Fairm. 1877L09, C. testaceipes Lea 1895L09]
|--C. cyanopterus (Bohem. 1858) [=Helcogaster cyanopterus]L09
|--C. diopthalmus Fairm. 1877L09
|--C. elegans Lea 1909L09
|--C. elongatus Macleay 1872M86
|--C. facialis Fairm. 1877L09
|--C. fasciculatus Lea 1909L09
|--C. fasciipennis Fairm. 1879L09
|--C. fossor Lea 1909L09
|--C. frenchi Lea 1909L09
|--C. invenustus Lea 1895L09
|--C. laesifrons Fairm. 1879L09
|--C. latipennis Lea 1895L09
|--C. lepidus Lea 1895L09
|--C. longicollis Lea 1895L09
|--C. longipes Lea 1909L09
|--C. longus Lea 1909L09
|--C. maculiventris Lea 1909L09
|--C. marginiventris Fairm. 1879L09
|--C. myrmecophilus Lea 1919L19
|--C. nubipennis Fairm. 1879L09
|--C. pallidifrons Lea 1909L09
|--C. pallidipennis Macleay 1872M86
|--C. philonthoides Fairm. 1879L09
|--C. pictipes Lea 1895L09
|--C. pravus Lea 1909L09
|--C. punctatus Lea 1909L09
|--C. rhagonychinus Fiarm. 1879L09
|--C. rhytideres Lea 1895L09
|--C. segmentarius Fairm. 1877L09
|--C. simulator Lea 1909L09
|--C. strigicollis Lea 1909L09
|--C. tachyporoides Fairm. 1877L09
|--C. telephoroides Fairm. 1879L09
|--C. triimpressus Lea 1909L09
|--C. uncinatus Lea 1909L09
|--C. variipennis Lea 1909L09
|--C. vigilans Lea 1909L09
`--C. xanthochrous Fairm. 1887L09

*Type species of generic name indicated


[L09] Lea, A. M. 1909. Revision of the Australian and Tasmanian Malacodermidae. Trans. Ent. Soc. Lond. 1909 (1): 45–251, pls 2–6.

[L19] Lea, A. M. 1919. Notes on some miscellaneous Coleoptera with descriptions of new species.—Part V. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia 43: 166–261, pls 25–27.

[M86] Masters, G. 1886. Catalogue of the described Coleoptera of Australia. Part IV. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales, series 2, 1 (2): 259–380.

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