Galeodea echinophora, copyright H. Zell.

Belongs within: Tonnoidea.
Contains: Cassis, Phalium, Semicassis.

The Cassidae, helmet shells, are medium-sized to large marine gastropods found burrowing in sand. They are predatory on echinoids which they attack by squirting a paralysing salivary juice. Females lay large egg-masses containing hundreds of gelatinous capsules; in some cases large irregular masses may be produced seemingly by several females spawning together (Wilson 1993).

Within the Cassidae, the subfamily Phaliinae is distinguished by possession of a slender, fan-shaped operculum with the nucleus halfway down the columellar edge, and a strongly twisted siphonal canal. Cassinae have an oval operculum with the nucleus towards the anterior end, and the siphonal canal is straight or only weakly twisted (Wilson 1993).

Characters (from Wilson & Gillett 1971): Shell usually oval or globose, aperture rather wide and long; shell may be glossy-smooth or heavily sculptured with ribs and nodules. Outer lip thickened to form a varix, with inner edge often toothed; other varices representing outer lip of earlier growth stages may be present. Left side of aperture with flat or inclined shield-like callus, either confined to columellar area (as columellar shield), or covering both columella and parietal wall and forming flange along whole left side. Spiral channel present running under columellar shield into true umbilicus; second smaller cavity (false umbilicus) often present under columellar shield at extreme anterior end. Operculum horny, semicircular, not filling aperture.

<==Cassidae [Cassidites]S11
    |  i. s.: Pseudogaleodea tricarinata Nagao 1932TTE93
    |--Oocorys Fischer 1884BR05 [Oocorythidae, OocorythinaeBR17]
    |    |--*O. sulcata Fischer 1884BR17
    |    `--O. tosaensis Habe & Azuma 1959HA59
    |    |--CassisBR05
    |    |--Cypraecassis Stutchbury 1837 [=Cypraeicassis Cossmann 1903]W93
    |    |    |--*C. rufa (Linnaeus 1758)W93 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |    |--C. tenuis [incl. C. marsenae]C64
    |    |    `--C. testiculus (Linné 1758)S11
    |    `--Galeodea Link 1807DK08
    |         |  i. s.: G. apodemetesM49
    |         |         G. modestaK95
    |         |         G. triganceae Dell 1953P61
    |         |--G. (Galeodea) [incl. Cassidaria Lamarck 1812, Echinora Schumacher 1817, Morio Montfort 1810]W93
    |         |    |--*G. (G.) echinophora (Linnaeus 1758)P61, L58 [=Buccinum echinophorumP61]
    |         |    |--G. (G.) echinophorella Habe 1961W93
    |         |    |--G. (G.) maccamleyi Ponder 1983W93
    |         |    |--‘Morio’ rugosaPP64
    |         |    |--G. (G.) senexA27 [=Cassidaria senexH86, Struthiolaria senexH86]
    |         |    `--‘Cassidaria’ sulcataH86
    |         |--G. (Galeoocorys Kuroda & Habe 1957)W93
    |         |    |--G. (*G.) leucodomaW93
    |         |    `--G. (G.) nipponica (Sakurai & Habe 1961)W93
    |         `--G. (Taieria) klingeri Kiel & Bandel 2003BD12
         |--Echinophoria Sacco 1890 (see below for synonymy)W93
         |    |--*E. intermediaW93 [=Buccinum intermediumW93, Bezoardica intermediaF27a, Cassis intermediaF27a]
         |    |--E. carnosa (Kuroda & Habe 1961)W93
         |    |--*Bathygalea’ coronadoi (Crosse 1867)W93
         |    |--*Trachydolium’ dalli [=*Miogalea dalli]W93
         |    |--*Shichiheia’ etchuensisW93
         |    |--‘Phalium’ grangei (Marwick 1926) [=Euspinacassis grangei]F27a
         |    |--E. kurodai (Abbott 1968)W93
         |    |--‘Euspinacassis’ muricata [=Cassis muricata]F27a
         |    |--*Euspinacassis’ pollens Finlay 1926W93, F27a
         |    `--E. wyvillei (Watson 1886)W93
         |--Casmaria Adams & Adams 1853W93
         |    |--C. erinaceus (Linnaeus 1758)BW09 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |    |--C. e. erinaceusW93
         |    |    |--C. e. kalosmodix (Melvill 1883)W93
         |    |    `--C. e. vibexmexicana (Stearns 1894)W93 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--C. perryi Iredale 1912 [=C. ponderosa perryi]W93
         |    |--C. ponderosa (Gmelin 1791) (see below for synonymy)W93
         |    |    |--C. p. ponderosaW93
         |    |    |--C. p. atlantica Clench 1944W93
         |    |    |--C. p. nipponensis Abbott 1968W93
         |    |    `--C. p. unicolor (Dautzenberg 1926)W93
         |    |--C. pyrumF27a
         |    `--C. radiata Tate 1889C54

Casmaria erinaceus (Linnaeus 1758)BW09 [incl. Casmaria denticulata Röding 1798W93, Casmaria edentulum Link 1807W93, Casmaria glabra Bolten 1798C54, Casmaria meles Dillwyn 1817C54, Casmaria panthera Solander 1797C54, Casmaria ventricosa Rigacci 1866W93, Buccinum vibex Linnaeus 1758W93, *Casmaria vibexW93, Cassidea vibexH09, Cassis (Phalium) vibexEO63]

Casmaria erinaceus vibexmexicana (Stearns 1894)W93 [=Cassis (Phalium) vibexmexicanaEO63, Cassis vibex mexicana (l. c.)EO63]

Casmaria ponderosa (Gmelin 1791) [incl. C. biarmatum Dillwyn 1817, C. cernica Sowerby 1888, C. nodulosum Gmelin 1791, C. pantherina Solander in Dillwyn 1817, C. quadratum Link 1807, C. tenuilabris Menke 1828, C. torquata Reeve 1848, C. turgida Reeve 1848]W93

*Cypraecassis rufa (Linnaeus 1758)W93 [=Buccinum rufumW93; incl. C. labiata Perry 1811W93, C. ostauri Humphrey 1797C54, C. pennatum Gmelin 1791W93, C. pullum Born 1778W93, C. rufescens Röding 1798W93, C. tuberosa Röding 1798W93, C. ventricosum Gmelin 1791W93]

Echinophoria Sacco 1890 [incl. Bathygalea Woodring & Olsson 1957, Euspinacassis Finlay 1926, Miogalea Woodring & Olsson 1957, Shichiheia Hatai & Nisiyama 1949, Trachydolium Howe 1926]W93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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