Cassidulina laevigata, copyright Onno Groß.

Belongs within: Rotaliida.

The Cassidulinidae are a group of Foraminifera with biserial, planispirally enrolled chambers, known from the Eocene to the present (Loeblich & Tappan 1964b).

Characters (from Loeblich & Tappan 1964b): Test lenticular, subglobular or elongate; chambers biserially arranged, alternating chambers also planispirally enrolled at least in early stage, later may be uncoiled; aperture elongate, comma-shaped, slit extending from basal suture into apertural face.

<==Cassidulinidae [Islandiellidae]
    |--Cassidulinella Natland 1940LT64b
    |    `--*C. pliocenica Natland 1940LT64b
    |--Favocassidulina Loeblich & Tappan 1957LT64b
    |    `--*F. favus (Brady 1877) [=Pulvinulina favus]LT64b
    |--Burseolina Seguenza 1880C40
    |    `--*B. calabra Seguenza 1880LT64b
    |--Cassidulinoides Cushman 1927LT64b
    |    `--*C. parkerianus (Brady 1881)LT64b, PHT13, LT64b [=Cassidulina parkerianaLT64b]
    |--Stichocassidulina Stone 1946LT64b
    |    `--*S. thalmanni Stone 1946LT64b
    |--Islandiella Nørvang 1958AB19, HW93 [incl. Cassilamellina Voloshinova 1960LT64b]
    |    |--I. algida (Cushman 1944)H03 [=Cassidulina algidaH03; incl. C. islandica Nøvang 1945H03, *Islandiella islandicaLT64b]
    |    |--I. californica (Cushman & Hughes 1925) [=Cassidulina californica, *Cassilamellina californica]LT64b
    |    |--I. japonica (Asano & Nakamura 1937) [=Cassidulina japonica]H03
    |    |--I. norcrossiLT64a
    |    `--I. seranensisJW99
    |--Globocassidulina Voloshinova 1960 [incl. Cassilongina Voloshinova 1960]LT64b
    |    |--*G. globosa (Hantken 1875) [=Cassidulina globosa]LT64b
    |    |--G. arataH90
    |    |--G. bisecta Nomura 1983H03
    |    |--G. elegansJW99
    |    |--G. oblonga (Reuss 1850) [=Cassidulina oblonga, *Cassilongina oblonga]LT64b
    |    `--G. subglobosaJW99
    |--Ehrenbergina Reuss 1850AB19, C40 [EhrenberginidaeM13, Ehrenbergininae]
    |    |--*E. serrata Reuss 1850C40
    |    |--E. bicornisH90
    |    |--E. bradyiC40
    |    |--E. hystrixLT64a
    |    |--E. pacificaLT64a
    |    |--E. pupa [incl. E. hystrix glabra]LT64a
    |    `--E. undulataJW99
    `--Cassidulina d’Orbigny 1826C40 (see below for synonymy)
         |--*C. laevigata d’Orbigny 1826C40
         |--C. crassaJW99
         |--C. cretaceaC40
         |--C. delicataLT64a
         |--C. margaretaLJ98
         |--C. reniforme Nøvang 1945 (see below for synonymy)H03
         |--*Entrochus’ septatus Ehrenberg 1843LT64b
         `--C. subglobosaB49

Cassidulina d’Orbigny 1826C40 [incl. Entrochus Ehrenberg 1843 non Hofer 1760LT64b, Selenostomum Ehrenberg 1858C40; Cassidulininae]

Cassidulina reniforme Nøvang 1945 [=C. crassa var. reniforme; incl. C. islandica f. minuta Nøvang 1945, C. islandica var. norvangi Thalmann in Phleger 1952]H03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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