Belongs within: Spermatophyta.Contains: Cycas, Macrozamia, Encephalartos, Ceratozamia, Zamia. The Cycadophyta, cycads, are a group of superficially palm-like gymnosperms. The name ‘Cycadophyta’ was defined by Cantino et al. (2007) to refer to the cycad crown group, characterised by the presence of cone domes, vascular strands crossing the pith within the stem. These result from the sympodial… Continue reading Cycadophyta


Belongs within: Cycadophyta. Encephalartos is an African genus of cycads in which cone sporophylls have blocky, faceted apices. <==EncephalartosNM11 |–+–+–E. friderici-guilielmiNM11 | | `–E. ghelinckiiNM11 | `–+–E. humilisNM11 | `–E. laevifoliusNM11 `–+–E. lanatusNM11 `–+–+–E. cycadifoliusNM11 | `–E. dyerianusNM11 `–+–+–+–E. altensteiniiNM11 | | `–+–E. natalensisNM11 | | `–E. woodiiNM11 | `–+–+–E. aplanatusNM11 | | `–E. villosusNM11… Continue reading Encephalartos


Belongs within: Cycadophyta. Ceratozamia is a Neotropical genus of cycads in which the sporophylls bear a pair of horns. <==Ceratozamia | i. s.: C. purpusiiMS98 |–C. mixeorumNM11 `–+–+–C. mirandaeNM11 | `–+–C. miquelianaNM11 | `–C. whitelockianaNM11 `–+–+–C. decumbensNM11 | `–C. morettiiNM11 `–+–+–C. microstrobilaNM11 | `–C. zaragozaeNM11 `–+–C. fusco-viridisNM11 `–+–C. huastecorumNM11 `–+–C. mexicanaNM11 `–+–C. latifoliaNM11 `–C. sabatoiNM11… Continue reading Ceratozamia


Belongs within: Cycadophyta. Macrozamia is an Australian genus of cycads bearing pedunculate cones with sporophylls ending in a more or less erect spine (Harden 1990). Characters (from Harden 1990): More or less palm-like dioecious plants with a usually unbranched stem forming a rather massive aerial trunk often more than 50 cm in diameter, or stem… Continue reading Macrozamia


Belongs within: Cycadophyta. Zamia is a Neotropical genus of cycads in which leaflets lack a discernible midrib and sporophylls are borne in vertical rows. <==Zamia | i. s.: Z. floridana de Candolle 1868CD07 | Z. vazqueziiTK01 |–Z. hymenophyllidiaNM11 `–+–+–Z. standleyiNM11 | `–+–Z. paucijugaNM11 | `–+–+–Z. pictaNM11 | | `–Z. variegataNM11 | `–+–Z. katzerianaNM11 | `–+–+–Z.… Continue reading Zamia