Belongs within: Asteraceae.Contains: Cardueae. The Carduoideae are a clade of composite-flowered plants supported by molecular data, members of which commonly have spiny leaves and discoid flower heads. Members include the Dicomeae, a group of African herbs, shrubs and small trees with homogamous or heterogamous flower heads that may have bilabiate peripheral florets (Panero & Funk… Continue reading Carduoideae


Belongs within: Cardueae. Centaurea, cockspurs and knapweeds, is a genus of thistle-like plants that is most diverse in the Mediterranean region. A number of species have become more widespread as synanthropic weeds such as the yellow cockspur C. solstitialis and star thistle C. calcitrapa. Stars and blessings Published 20 December 2015 The first thing that… Continue reading Centaurea