Belongs within: Asteraceae.Contains: Cardueae. The Carduoideae are a clade of composite-flowered plants supported by molecular data, members of which commonly have spiny leaves and discoid flower heads. Members include the Dicomeae, a group of African herbs, shrubs and small trees with homogamous or heterogamous flower heads that may have bilabiate peripheral florets (Panero & Funk… Continue reading Carduoideae


Belongs within: Cardueae. Centaurea, cockspurs and knapweeds, is a genus of thistle-like plants that is most diverse in the Mediterranean region. A number of species have become more widespread as synanthropic weeds such as the yellow cockspur C. solstitialis and star thistle C. calcitrapa. Characters (from Black & Robertson 1965): Involucre of numerous unequal bracts… Continue reading Centaurea