Belongs within: Asterales.Contains: Scaevola, Velleia, Dampiera, Goodenia section Eugoodenia. The Goodeniaceae are a family of mostly Australian herbs and shrubs in which the flowers have the five lobes of the corolla usually arranged in two lips, and the style terminated by a compressed cup-shaped or two-lipped indusium. The blue pincushion Brunonia australis has a superior… Continue reading Goodeniaceae


Belongs within: Goodeniaceae. Dampiera is a genus of herbs and subshrubs endemic to Australia, most diverse in the west of the continent (Black & Robertson 1965). Characters (from Black & Robertson 1965): Perennial herbs or undershrubs, more or less tomentose with stellate hairs, which are either short, or longer and stellately branched, or stellate only… Continue reading Dampiera


Belongs within: Goodeniaceae. Scaevola, fan-flowers, is a pantropical genus of herbs or shrubs, most diverse in Australia, whose asymmetrical flowers have distinctly spreading corolla lobes (Black & Robertson 1965). Characters (from Black & Robertson 1965): Herbs, undershrubs or shrubs; flowers sessile or pedunculate, in the axil of a leafy floral bract and with two narrow… Continue reading Scaevola

Goodenia section Eugoodenia

Belongs within: Goodeniaceae. The section Eugoodenia of the genus Goodenia is characterised by having the ovules few or many in number, and imbricate in two rows in each cell (Black & Robertson 1965). <==Goodenia sect. Eugoodenia |–G. subsect. BracteolataeBR65 | |–G. affinis [incl. G. geniculata var. eriophylla]BR65 | |–G. amplexansBR65 | | |–G. a. var.… Continue reading Goodenia section Eugoodenia