Belongs within: Asterales.Contains: Stylidium subgenus Tolypangium. The Stylidiaceae are a Gondwanan group of mostly herbaceous plants in which flowers have the stamens and style fused in a central column. In members of the genus Stylidium, trigger-plants, the column is long and usually exserted, and curved so that when the corolla lobes are touched the column… Continue reading Stylidiaceae

Stylidium subgenus Tolypangium

Belongs within: Stylidiaceae. The subgenus Tolypangium of the genus Stylidium is a group of triggerplants characterised by ovoid to longish capsules. <==Stylidium subg. TolypangiumLK00 | i. s.: S. beaugleholeiLK00 |–S. sect. DespectaeLK00 | |–S. inundatumLK00 [incl. S. brachyphyllumBR65, S. despectumLK00] | |–S. sidjamesii Lowrie & Kenneally 2000LK00 | |–S. tinkeri Lowrie & Kenneally 2000LK00 |… Continue reading Stylidium subgenus Tolypangium