Belongs within: Celastrales.Contains: Gymnosporia, Maytenus, Elaeodendroideae, Euonymus. The Celastraceae are a primarily pantropical family of trees, shrubs and lianas. Synapomorphies of the family as recognised here (including the Elaeodendroideae and Brexia) are cymose inflorescences, dorsifixed anthers and connate styles. Brexia madagascarensis is a small tree with entire or spinose-dentate leaves found in Madagascar and coastal east… Continue reading Celastraceae


Belongs within: Fabidae.Contains: Celastraceae. The Celastrales are an order of flowering plants primarily supported by molecular data. Members include the Holarctic genus Parnassia, grass of Parnassus, an inhabitant of wet and/or open locations with basal, ovate leaves and solitary flowers borne on an erect stalk (Hickman 1993). Characters (from the Angiosperm Phylogeny Website): Vessel elements… Continue reading Celastrales