Belongs within: Cucurbitales. The Begoniaceae is a family of tropical and subtropical succulent-stemmed herbs. The majority of species are included in the genus Begonia with the remaining genera including only a handful of species each. A number of species of Begonia are popular as ornamentals. Characters (from Gu, Peng & Turland): Perennial succulent herbs, very… Continue reading Begoniaceae


Belongs within: Cucurbitales. Coriaria, tutu, is a genus of shrubs and trees with a disjunct distribution in southern Europe, eastern Asia, New Zealand and Central and South America (Allan 1961). Characters (from Allan 1961): Subshrubs, shrubs or small trees with quadrangular branchlets and simple opposite or whorled exstipulate leaves. Flowers small, pentamerous, usually in racemes;… Continue reading Coriaria


Belongs within: Cucurbitales. The Cucurbiteae are a group of annual herbs or woody lianas that often produce large, showy flowers; several species are widely grown for their edible fruit. <==Cucurbiteae [Cucurbitoideae] `–CucumerinaeBR65 |–Ecballium elaterium [=Momordica elaterium]BR65 |–MomordicaBR65 | |–M. balsaminaBR65 | |–M. charantiaSR07 | | |–M. c. var. charantiaSR07 | | `–M. c. var. muricataSR07… Continue reading Cucurbiteae


Belongs within: Fabidae.Contains: Coriaria, Begoniaceae, Cucurbiteae. The Cucurbitales is a clade of morphologically somewhat divergent taxa supported by molecular analyses. The clade is most diverse in tropical regions, though there are also numerous temperate species. The Cucurbitaceae, the squash and gourd family, is a group mostly comprised of annual vines, many species of which are… Continue reading Cucurbitales