Belongs within: Gunneridae.Contains: Olacaceae, Aquilapollenites, Santalaceae, Amyema, Lysiana, Dendrophthoe, Decaisnina. The Santalales are a clade of flowering plants supported by molecular analyses whose members produce small flowers with a valvate perianth and stamens with anther sacs and filaments (Nickrent et al. 2005). A large proportion of its members, including such forms as the sandalwoods and… Continue reading Santalales


Belongs within: Santalales.Contains: Korthalsella, Viscum, Phoradendron, Arceuthobium, Exocarpos, Leptomeria. The Santalaceae are a cosmopolitan group of semi-parasitic or parasitic flowering plants. The ancestral habit of the family is as terrestrially growing root semi-parasites but aerial stem parastism has evolved within the Santalaceae on more than one occasion. Some members of the family such as Indian… Continue reading Santalaceae

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