Belongs within: Amaryllidaceae. Lilies of blood Published 14 September 2021 The flora of southern Africa is renowned for being remarkably diverse and, in many cases, remarkably eye-catching. The region is home to more than its fair share of ornamental plants, many of which have become popular garden subjects. Among the remarkable members of the southern… Continue reading Haemanthus


Belongs within: Petrosaviidae.Contains: Narcissus, Cyrtanthus, Haemanthus, Gethyllis, Crinum, Strumaria. The Amaryllidaceae are a family of bulb-producing plants that are most diverse in temperate and warm temperate regions. They are distinguished by having the inflorescence subtended by an involucre of one or more spathaceous bracts (Healy & Edgar 1980). Numerous examples are grown as ornamentals such… Continue reading Amaryllidaceae