Belongs within: Commelinidae.Contains: Commelinaceae, Haemodoraceae. The Commelinales are a clade of monocotyledonous plants supported primarily by molecular data (Davis et al. 2004). Characters (from Angiosperm Phylogeny Web): Mycorrhizae absent; vessel elements with scalariform perforation plates; cuticle waxes not as aggregated rodlets; seed coat testal and tegmic; endosperm abundant, helobial, cell wall formation in small chalazal… Continue reading Commelinales


Belongs within: Commelinales.Contains: Conostylis. The Haemodoraceae are perennial monocotyledons that are most diverse in Australia and South Africa, with smaller numbers in Malaysia and the Americas (Macfarlane et al. 1987). Characters (from Macfarlane et al. 1987): Perennial herbs, rhizomatous, bulbous or tuberous. Leaves mainly basal, equitant, with sheathing base and unifacial lamina; stem leaves smaller… Continue reading Haemodoraceae