Belongs within: Bromeliaceae.Contains: Orthophytum, Cryptanthus, Aechmea. The Bromelioideae are a group of herbaceous, often epiphytic, plants that grow with leaves arranged in water-collecting rosettes. Notable species include the pineapple Ananas comosus, widely grown around the world for its edible ‘fruits’, formed from the coalesced berries of a compound inflorescence. Over 250 species have been placed… Continue reading Bromelioideae


Belongs within: Poales.Contains: Tillandsioideae, Hechtia, Pitcairnioideae, Puya, Bromelioideae. The Bromeliaceae, bromeliads, are a family of herbaceous plants found primarily in the neotropics (a single species, Pitcairnia feliciana, is native to west Africa). Many bromeliads have a vase- or tank-like growth form that encourages the formation of phytotelmata (pooling of water within plants). Numerous species of the family… Continue reading Bromeliaceae