Belongs within: Petrosaviidae.Contains: Dioscoreaceae. The Dioscoreales are a clade of forest-growing herbs and vines. Characters (from Angiosperm Phylogeny Web): Steroidal saponins present; vascular bundles in rings; vessels also in stem and leaf; flowers or inflorescence with glandular hairs; styles free early in ontogeny, branches well developed, adaxially grooved; tepals persistent in fruit; ovules many/carpel; endotegmen… Continue reading Dioscoreales


Belongs within: Dioscoreales. The Dioscoreaceae is a pantropical family mostly composed of tuberous vines, some species of which (in the genus Dioscorea) are grown as food plants. The Polynesian arrowroot Tacca leontopetaloides is cultivated in the Indo-Pacific region. Black bryony Tamus communis is a widespread plant of the forest understory in the Mediterranean and adjoining… Continue reading Dioscoreaceae