Belongs within: Hyacinthaceae. Ornithogalum is a genus of about 200 species of bulbous plant found in Africa and southern Asia. Species of Ornithogalum have previously been divided between a number of genera whose reciprocal monophyly has not been supported by molecular analysis, with characters previously separating genera representing floral specialisations to different pollinators (Manning et… Continue reading Ornithogalum


Belongs within: Petrosaviidae.Contains: Urgineoideae, Hyacinthoideae, Ornithogalum. The Hyacinthaceae are a group of bulbous herbs found primarily in warmer regions of the Old World with the exception of the South American genus Oziroe (Eggli & Nyffeler 2020). Characters (from Eggli & Nyffeler 2020): Perennial bulbous herbs, rarely rhizomatous, bulbs geophytic or rarely above-ground, bulb scales rarely… Continue reading Hyacinthaceae


Belongs within: Hyacinthoideae. Lachenalia, Cape cowslips, is a genus of bulbous herbs found in southern South Africa. On Lachenalia Published 8 July 2014 Back in 2011, I presented you with a post on the southern African flowering bulb genus Ledebouria. In that post, I mentioned that Ledebouria was just one of a wide diversity of… Continue reading Lachenalia


Belongs within: Hyacinthoideae. Ledebouria is a mostly African genus of bulbous herbs that often bear spotted or banded leaves. Patterns on a squill Published 12 July 2011 The south of Africa is one of the world’s centres for botanical diversity. Home to an abundance of the floristically wierd and wonderful, you might be surprised to… Continue reading Ledebouria


Belongs within: Hyacinthaceae.Contains: Scilla, Ledebouria, Lachenalia. The Hyacinthoideae are the largest of the subfamilies recognised in the Hyacinthaceae, including the northern Holarctic members of the family together with a number of southern African taxa. Members of the Hyacinthoideae have a penicillate stigma and ellipsoid or globose to pear-shaped seeds (Manning et al. 2004). Phylogenetic analysis… Continue reading Hyacinthoideae