Belongs within: Obtectomera.Contains: Symmocidae, Coleophora, Agapalsini, Blastobasinae, Borkhausenia, Gymnobathra, Oecophorinae, Xyloryctinae, Stathmopodinae, Depressaria, Gelechiidae, Cosmopteriginae, Ethmiinae. The Gelechioidea are a hyperdiverse group of moths, generally characterised by the presence of a densely scaled proboscis. Approximately 16,500 species are known within the clade, with a correspondingly high diversity of lifestyles, with larvae being phytophagous, detritivorous or… Continue reading Gelechioidea


Belongs within: Gelechioidea. The Oecophorinae are a group of moths in which Rs and M1 of the hind wing are nearly parallel, the abdominal terga are densely spinose, and the male usually has a beak-like gnathos. Larval habits are varied with many feeding on fallen leaves on forest floors (Nielsen & Common 1991). <==OecophorinaeNC91 |–Garrha… Continue reading Oecophorinae


Belongs within: Gelechioidea. The Stathmopodinae are a group of usually very small moths that commonly rest with the hind wings raised (Nielsen & Common 1991). Characters (from Nielsen & Common 1991): Usually very small; head smooth-scaled; wings very narrow; fore wing lacking pterostigma, R2 well before upper angle of discal cell, female with subcubital retinaculum… Continue reading Stathmopodinae


Belongs within: Gelechioidea. The Xyloryctinae are a group of small to medium-sized moths in which the hind wings have veins Rs and M1 stalked or arising from the same point and divergent, and Sc+R1 diverging from Rs well before the end of the cell. The gnathos in the male is not spinose (Nielsen & Common… Continue reading Xyloryctinae


Belongs within: Gelechioidea. Gymnobathra is a genus of moths endemic to New Zealand, with larvae feeding on dead wood. Characters (from Hoare 2010): Uncus well developed and sclerotised; gnathos present; inner surface of valva with specialised patch of setae. <==Gymnobathra Meyrick 1884P27 |–*G. flavidellaP27 |–G. bryaula Meyr. 1905P27 |–G. caliginosa Philpott 1927P27 |–G. calliplocaP27 |–G.… Continue reading Gymnobathra


Belongs within: Gelechioidea. Borkhausenia is a genus of small moths, some of which can be storage pests. Characters (from Philpott 1926): Head smooth, side-tufts loosely appressed; ocelli posterior: tongue developed. Antennae ¾, in male moderately or rather strongly ciliated, basal joint moderate, with pecten. Labial palpi moderate or long, curved, ascending, second joint usually nearly… Continue reading Borkhausenia


Belongs within: Gelechioidea. The Ethmiinae are a group of moths with larvae feeding on Boraginaceae. Infestation with Ethmia heliomela has been known to cause defoliation of its host Ehretia acuminata (Nielsen & Common 1991). Characters (from Nielsen & Common 1991, as Ethmiidae): Small to medium sized; head smooth scaled; ocelli absent; antennae usually without pecten… Continue reading Ethmiinae