Belongs within: Papilioninae. Papilio is a cosmopolitan genus of butterflies including the swallowtails and related taxa. Over 200 species are currently recognised; a number of authors have attempted to divide Papilio into smaller genera but these systems have not become widely recognised. Some species are polymorphic with variant forms being mimics of other distasteful butterflies. Princeps… Continue reading Papilio


Belongs within: Obtectomera.Contains: Teracolus, Papilioninae, Parnassiinae. The Papilionidae, swallowtails, are a group of large butterflies characterised by the presence of an epiphysis on the fore tibia. The short-horned baronia Baronia brevicornis of Mexico is placed as its own subfamily as the sister taxon of all other living species (Silva-Brandão et al. 2005). This species develops… Continue reading Papilionidae


Belongs within: Papilioninae.Contains: Parides. The Troidini are a predominantly tropical group of butterflies, most abundant in Central and South American lowland forests and the Indo-Australian region. Larvae feedi almost exclusively on species of Aristolochia and sequester toxins from these plants (Silva-Brandão et al. 2005). Members include some of the world’s largest butterflies in the genus… Continue reading Troidini