Belongs within: Apoditrysia.Contains: Oxygrapha, Archipini, Tortrix, Eucosmini, Olethreutini, Grapholitini. The Tortricidae are a group of small to medium moths including the leafrollers and related species. Larvae may feed in plant detritus or as borers in living plants. Adult tortricids are usually a mottled or marbled brown (Grimaldi & Engel 2005). Members of the subfamily Tortricinae… Continue reading Tortricidae


Belongs within: Tortricidae. The Eucosmini are a group of tortricid moths characterised by male genitalia with a one‐branched protuberance on the valve, and reduced gnathos and uncus. The macadamia nut-borer Cryptophlebia ombrodelta is a widespread pest of macadamia crops (Nielsen & Common 1991). <==EucosminiNC91 |–Bathrotoma constrictanaNC91 |–Crocidosema plebejanaNC91 |–EpinotiaNC91 | |–E. aporemaJ-PWM04 | `–E. lantanaNC91… Continue reading Eucosmini


Belongs within: Tortricidae. The Archipini are a group of tortricid moths whose larvae feed between joined, living leaves (Nielsen & Common 1991). Many species have wings marked with a distinct basal and median fascia and a dark costal spot. The light-brown apple moth Epiphyas postvittana is native of Australia that has become a widespread pest… Continue reading Archipini