Belongs within: Apoditrysia.Contains: Limacodidae, Lacturidae, Procris, Zygaena. The Zygaenoidea are a group of moths with slug-like larvae that often feed exposed. The proboscis is well developed in members of the Zygaenidae but reduced or absent in other families. Adult Zygaenidae, known as burnets or foresters, often fly and feed on flowers during the day. The… Continue reading Zygaenoidea


Belongs within: Zygaenoidea. Procris is a genus of metallic-coloured, day-flying moths. Characters (from Meyrick 1886): Proboscis well-developed. Antenna in male bipectinated, apex simple, sometimes considerably thickened, in female rather thick throughout. Palpi short, porrected, filiform, pointed. Posterior tibiae without middle-spurs. Fore wings with vein 1 furcate at base, 2 from about three-quarters, all veins separate.… Continue reading Procris


Belongs within: Zygaenoidea. The Limacodidae are a widespread family of moths with reduced proboscids, with most species found in the tropics. Larvae of a number of species bear toxic needle-like setae, giving them the name of ‘nettle caterpillars’ (Grimaldi & Engel 2005). Eggs are scale-like and laid in overlapping batches or singly (Nielsen & Common… Continue reading Limacodidae