Belongs within: Geadephaga.Contains: Distipsidera, Megacephalini, Cicindelini. The Cicindelidae, tiger beetles, are fast-moving and often brightly coloured predatory beetles. Authors have differed on whether they should be treated as a distinct family or as a subfamily within the ground beetles of the Carabidae. Such disagreements largely hinge on whether they are phylogenetically nested within the latter.… Continue reading Cicindelidae


Belongs within: Dytiscidae.Contains: Dytiscus, Hydaticus, Aciliini. The Dytiscinae are a large clade of diving beetles. With the exception of the basal Cybistrini, males of the Dytiscinae have the pro- and mesotarsomeres broadly expanded with ventral sucker-like setae, used to grip the female during mating. In a number of subsequent lineages, females have conversely evolved ornamented… Continue reading Dytiscinae


Belongs within: Coleoptera.Contains: Gyrinidae, Geadephaga, Dytiscoidea. The Adephaga is a major clade of mostly predatory beetles. Adephaga have sometimes been divided between the terrestrial Geadephaga and the primarily aquatic Hydradephaga, with members of the latter having fringes of stiff hairs on the adult legs (Grimaldi & Engel 2005). However, as not all hydradephagan families are… Continue reading Adephaga

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Megacephala (Pseudotetracha)

Belongs within: Megacephalini. The subgenus Pseudotetracha of the genus Megacephala is a group of bright metallic-coloured tiger beetles found on Australian salt flats. Megacephala (Pseudotetracha Fleutiaux 1894)G07 |–M. (*P.) cylindrica Macleay 1863 [incl. M. frenchi Sloane 1893]LM87 |–M. (P.) australis (Chaudoir 1865)G07 [=Tetracha australisLM87; incl. T. waterhousii Castelnau 1867LM87] |–M. (P.) blackburni (Fleutiaux 1895)G07 [=Tetracha… Continue reading Megacephala (Pseudotetracha)

Cicindela (Rivacindela)

Belongs within: Cicindelini. The subgenus Rivacindela of the genus Cicindela is a group of tiger beetles found on Australian salt flats, characterised by the presence of two or three teeth on the labrum and usually with extensive patches of white on the elytra. Cicindela (Rivacindela Brouerius van Nidek 1973)LM87 |–C. (*R.) blackburni Sloane 1906LM87 |–‘Rivacindela’… Continue reading Cicindela (Rivacindela)

Cicindela (Myriochile)

Belongs within: Cicindelini. The subgenus Myriochile of the genus Cicindela is a group of tiger beetles with completely metallic-coloured legs bearing hooked setae along the posterior margin, and moderately abundant appressed setae on the venter of the body. Cicindela (Myriochile Motschulsky 1861) [=Myriochila (l. c.)]LM87 |–‘Myriochile’ melancholica (Fabricius 1798)B55, LM87 (see below for synonymy) |–‘Myriochile’… Continue reading Cicindela (Myriochile)


Belongs within: Adephaga.Contains: Gyrininae. The Gyrinidae, whirligig beetles, are aquatic beetles that swim using paddle-like mid and hind legs, and have the eyes separated into dorsal and ventral sections by a bridge of cuticle. Most living species are included in the subfamily Gyrininae except Spanglerogyrus albiventris of eastern North America, which has the dorsal and… Continue reading Gyrinidae

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Belongs within: Dytiscinae. Hydaticus is a cosmopolitan genus of diving beetles characterised by straight anterolateral margins on the metasternum, a stridulatory device in males consisting of a region of reticulate cells on the dorsum of the second protarsal segment and a series of pegs along the dorsal margin of the protibia, and an irregularly rugulose… Continue reading Hydaticus


Belongs within: Hydroporinae. Sternopriscus is a genus of diving beetles found in Australia and New Guinea, characterised by a small, elongate, rugose-punctate form with a prominent mesosternum and distinctly visible fourth segment on the pro- and mesotarsi. <==Sternopriscus Sharp 1882LM87 |–*S. browni Sharp 1882LM87 |–S. cervus Watts 1978LM87 |–S. hansardii (Clark 1862) [=Hydroporus hansardii; incl.… Continue reading Sternopriscus


Belongs within: Adephaga.Contains: Trachypachidae, Cicindelidae, Carabidae. The Geadephaga are a lineage of terrestrial, mostly predatory, adephagan beetles supported, albeit weakly, by molecular analysis. Most Geadephaga are classified in the large and diverse family Carabidae, the ground beetles. Authors have differed on whether other groups such as Trachypachidae and Cicindelidae should be included within Carabidae or… Continue reading Geadephaga