Belongs within: Coleoptera.Contains: Bostrichidae, Ptinidae, Dermestes, Megatominae. The Bostrichoidea are a group of beetles predominantly adapted for dry habitats, united by modified cryptonephridism, aedeagal structure and the lack of a basal mandibular mola in the larva. Members include the Dermestidae whose larvae are scavengers on dry material of animal origin such as desiccated carcasses or… Continue reading Bostrichoidea


Belongs within: Bostrichoidea. The Megatominae are a group of dermestid beetles characterised by the presence of an ocellus together with a relatively long basal segment on the hind tarsus. A number of species are notorious storage pests. The carpet beetles of the genus Anthrenus have a vestiture of flat, colourful scales. Other genera commonly have… Continue reading Megatominae


Belongs within: Ptinidae. Ptinus, spider beetles, is a cosmopolitan genus of long-legged beetles with elytra bearing a vestiture of appressed scales or setae. A number of species are widespread as storage pests. The species P. latro is parthenogenetic but still requires mating with males of related species to induce egg formation (Philips 2002). Such a… Continue reading Ptinus


Belongs within: Bostrichoidea.Contains: Xyletinini, Prothecini, Dorcatomini, Sphaericini, Ptinus, Ectrephini, Anobiini. The Ptinidae are a cosmopolitan group of beetles including feeders on dried animal or plant matter, and borers in woody plants. Historically, many species have been included in a family Anobiidae, distinct from the Ptinidae sensu stricto (now Ptininae), but the two families are now… Continue reading Ptinidae


Belongs within: Bostrichoidea.Contains: Bostrichinae. The Bostrichidae are a group of beetles whose larvae are mostly borers in dead or dry wood. Many have a hooded, denticulate pronotum and/or straight antennae with free club segments. Gular sutures are confluent in members of the subfamilies Polycaoninae, Dinoderinae and Bostrichinae. Polycaoninae have a head that is easily visible… Continue reading Bostrichidae


Belongs within: Bostrichoidea. Dermestes is a genus of scavenging beetles commonly found on animal carcasses in an advanced (butyric) stage of decomposition (Kingsolver 2002). Characters (from Kingsolver 2002): Species 5.5 to 12 mm in length; head without an ocellus; antenna with apical club; pronotum without sublateral carinae; legs more or less retractile; procoxae large and… Continue reading Dermestes