Belongs within: Hydrophiloidea.Contains: Hydrophilinae, Anacaenini, Chaetarthriini, Acidocerinae. The Hydrophilidae are a group of beetles in which the majority of species are aquatic though many members of the subfamily Sphaeridiinae are terrestrial. Aquatic species swim by alternate movements of the hind legs and usually breathe using a bubble of air covering the ventral surface of the… Continue reading Hydrophilidae


Belongs within: Hydrophiloidea.Contains: Pachylomalus, Eblisia, Dendrophilinae, Saprininae, Tribalinae, Chlamydopsis, Histerinae. The Histeridae are a group of carnivorous beetles that are diverse in appearance but have a generally compact body form, deeply inserted head and compactly clubbed antennae (Lawrence & Britton 1991). The elytra are truncate, exposing the last two tergites, with the pygidium being operculate… Continue reading Histeridae


Belongs within: Dendrophilinae. Predatory clowns Published 10 August 2023 If you ask me (and really, why wouldn’t you?), a case can be made that histerids are among the most aesthetically pleasing of all beetles. The average histerid has a compact body form with elytra tightly fitted to the body and a sleek, shiny surface (the… Continue reading Paromalini