Belongs within: Phytophaga.Contains: Attelabinae, Auletobiina. The Attelabidae are a group of weevils whose larvae develop in rolled leaves or developing shoots. Members of the subfamily Rhynchitinae have a more or less elongate body, a usually narrow and elongate rostrum, flat mandibles that are toothed on the inner and outer margins, and appendiculate tarsal claws (Hamilton… Continue reading Attelabidae


Belongs within: Attelabidae. The Auletobiina are attelabid weevils with serrate claws and the forehead much wider than the proboscis (Legalov 2001). Characters (from Legalov 2001): Body dark to light, hairy. Elytral pilosity sometimes forming markings. Proboscis very long to short, straight to strongly curved, thick or thin. Antennal insertions in first or second third of… Continue reading Auletobiina