Belongs within: Geotrupidae.Contains: Bolborhachium, Blackbolbus, Blackburnium, Australobolbus. The Bolboceratinae are a cosmopolitan group of stout, strongly convex scarabaeoid beetles that dig deep burrows and feed on fungi or plant material. Males usually bear large cephalic and pronotal horns. They are most diverse in Australia where they are primarily found in coastal regions (Cassis & Weir… Continue reading Bolboceratinae


Belongs within: Scarabaeoidea.Contains: Bolboceratinae. The Geotrupidae are a group of scarabaeoid beetles which typically dig burrows that they provision with dung, dead leaves or humus (Jameson 2002). They are generally characterised by an eleven-segmented antenna bearing a club of three circular or oval antennomeres. Opening dors Published 21 May 2022 My current dayjob mostly revolves… Continue reading Geotrupidae