Belongs within: Scarabaeoidea.Contains: Aulacocyclus, Passalini. The Passalidae, bess beetles, are a group of elongate, flat-bodied scarabaeoid beetles that live in subsocial groups in rotting logs (Schuster 2002). Adults feed on rotting wood and prepare food for the associated larvae (Britton 1970). In members of the subfamily Passalinae, the procoxae do not project much below the… Continue reading Passalidae


Belongs within: Passalidae. Aulacocyclus is an Australasian genus of bess beetles with projecting fore coxae and a distinct tubercle near the centre of the dorsal surface of the head. <==Aulacocyclus Kaup 1868 [incl. Caulifer Kaup 1871; Aulacocyclini]CW92 |–*A. edentulus (Macleay 1826) (see below for synonymy)CW92 |–A. aliicornis Kuwert 1897 [incl. A. aliicornis sulcatipons Kuwert 1897]CW92… Continue reading Aulacocyclus