Belongs within: Staphylininae.Contains: Amblyopinina, Cyrtoquediina, Indoquedius, Quedius, Xanthopygina, Philonthina, Staphylinina. The Staphylinini are a cosmopolitan group of relatively large staphylinid beetles, including the rove beetles that are the most familiar members of the family. Representatives of the Staphylinini have antennae inserted closer to the eyes than to each other, a well developed apical maxillary palpomere,… Continue reading Staphylinini


Belongs within: Philonthina. Philonthus: too many staphylinids Published 29 January 2017 Working with staphylinids, it has to be said, can be horrible. They are treated as one of the most diverse of the beetle families—perhaps the most diverse of all—but compared to other diverse families they attract relatively little study. The majority of staphylinids are… Continue reading Philonthus