Belongs within: Eurotiomycetidae.Contains: Penicillium. The Trichocomaceae are a group of saprobic fungi that are often able to tolerate extreme environmental conditions. Trichocomaceae [Aspergillaceae, Eurotiaceae, Thermoascaceae] |–+–PenicilliumSS09 | `–Eupenicillium Ludw. 1892SS09, KC01 [incl. Carpenteles Langeron 1922KC01] | |–E. brefeldianum (Dodge) Stolk & Scott 1967 (see below for synonymy)KC01 | |–E. javanicumGSSC02 | `–E. limosumSS09 |–+–Hamigera Stolk… Continue reading Trichocomaceae


Belongs within: Ascomycota.Contains: Pyrenulales, Chaetothyriales, Verrucariaceae, Eurotiomycetidae. Black yeasts, black lichens and rotting wood: the Chaetothyriomycetidae Published 25 November 2014 There is no denying that the advent of molecular phylogenetic analysis has been a boon for fungal systematics. It has allowed a much greater resolution of relationships than was previously possible (especially for comparisons between… Continue reading Eurotiomycetes


Belongs within: Eurotiomycetidae. The naked ascus Published 3 February 2014 Three years ago, Christopher and I visited my aunt in Jordan. We spent a week visiting various parts of the country (Petra is amazing), including that most touristy of all activities, swimming in the Dead Sea. Except ‘swimming’ is not really the right word for… Continue reading Gymnoascaceae