Belongs within: Linguliformea. The acrotretids: micro-brachiopods from the dawn of… brachiopods Published 15 July 2015 When brachiopods have been featured on this site before, they have generally been representatives of the group known as the articulates. Today’s subjects, the Acrotretidae, are instead members of the inarticulate brachiopods. Whereas the shells of articulate brachiopods have a… Continue reading Acrotretidae


Belongs within: Brachiopoda.Contains: Paterinata, Linguloidea, Discinoidea, Acrotretidae. The Linguliformea are one of the major subgroups within the brachiopods, containing the phosphatic-shelled species. They are represented in the modern fauna by the Discinacea and Linguloidea, with the remaining subgroups being extinct. The Cambrian to Silurian Acrotretida differ from other linguliforms in having shells with columnar lamination… Continue reading Linguliformea