Belongs within: Rhynchonelliformea.Contains: Strophomenida, Productida, Clitambonitidina, Plectambonitoidea, Davidsonioidea. The Orthotetida were a Palaeozoic lineage of strophomenate brachiopods that are first recorded from the Ordovician. The basal genus Tetraphalerella possesses uncored pseudopunctae composed of concentric shell folds and arranged in radial rows; such structures are absent in the Davidsoniacea and Triplesiidae (Dewing 2004). <==Strophomenata | i.… Continue reading Strophomenata


Belongs within: Strophomenata.Contains: Stropheodontidae, Douvillinidae, Shaleriidae, Strophomenidae, Glyptomenidae, Rafinesquinidae, Leptostrophiidae, Leptaenidae. The Strophomenida are a lineage of strophomenate brachiopods known from the Ordovician to the Triassic. The Upper Carboniferous to Triassic Lyttoniacea are among the most unusual brachiopod groups, with an irregularly shaped shell in which the primary brachial valve is reduced to a small… Continue reading Strophomenida


Belongs within: Strophomenata.Contains: Productoidea, Strophalosioidea, Aulostegoidea, Lyttoniidae, Chonetidae, Anopliidae. The Productida are a group of brachiopods known from the Devonian to the Permian (possibly earliest Triassic). The pedicle was commonly absent (it is present only in some Chonetidina), and many productidans would have lived unattached to the substrate. In members of the suborder Productidina, the… Continue reading Productida