Belongs within: Anguilliformes.Contains: Lycodontis, Gymnothorax. The Muraenidae, morays, are powerful-headed marine eels found in tropical and subtropical waters. Characters (from Böhlke et al. 1999): Small to very large eels (to 375 cm); body elongate, firm, muscular, and compressed; many species robust and powerful, some small species nearly worm-like. Dorsal profile of head above and behind… Continue reading Muraenidae


Belongs within: Anguilliformes. The Anguilloidei are a group of eels in which the premaxillaries are fused with the mesethmoid to form a tooth-bearing bone at the front of the upper jaw (Bond 1996). They include the typical eels of the genus Anguilla, species of which spend the greater part of their post-larval life cycle in… Continue reading Anguilloidei


Belongs within: Anguilliformes.Contains: Congroidea, Ophichthidae. A parasitic eel? Published 24 April 2017 The following post was inspired by an e-mail that I was sent recently by Sebastian Marquez. He told me about a friend of his catching a trevally when fishing, then cutting it open to find a snake eel inside the body cavity (but… Continue reading Congroidei


Belongs within: Elopomorpha.Contains: Muraenidae, Congroidei, Anguilloidei. More really ugly fish Published 22 August 2007 Far below the surface of the oceans lies the bizarre world of deep-sea fish, where life gets really ugly—because where there’s no light and no-one can see you, you can really let yourself go. I thought I’d put in a mention… Continue reading Anguilliformes