Belongs within: Acanthomorphata.Contains: Bythitidae, Neobythitinae, Carapinae. The Ophidiiformes are benthic or benthopelagic, often deep-water fishes with tapering bodies. Characters (from Bond 1996): Body tapering; dorsal and anal fins long, often confluent with caudal; dorsal and anal pterygiophores more numerous than adjacent vertebrae; pelvic fins usually jugular to mental, resembling elongate barbels, sometimes with small spines.… Continue reading Ophidiiformes


Belongs within: Ophidiiformes. The live-bearing brotulas Published 17 December 2012 The subject of today’s post is the Bythitidae, a family of mostly marine fishes referred to as the live-bearing brotulas. Bythitids belong to the Ophidiiformes, a group of more or less elongate fishes with long soft dorsal and anal fins. They differ from most other… Continue reading Bythitidae