Belongs within: Gadiformes. The Gadidae, cods, are marine fishes found primarily in circumpolar to temperate waters of the Northern Hemisphere. They are characterised by an externally symmetrical caudal fin, rounded cycloid scales, no v-shaped ridge on the top of the head, and a swim bladder that is not connected to the skull (Klein-MacPhee 2002a). Several… Continue reading Gadidae


Belongs within: Paracanthomorphacea.Contains: Oreosomatidae. The Zeiformes, dories, are narrow-bodied marine fishes with protrusible mouths. Synapomorphies (from Tyler et al. 2003): Palatine usually oriented obliquely to axis of body, with a single, pivotal articulation with lateral ethmoid, resulting in considerable mobility; three and one-half gills, seven hemibranchs; dorsal-, anal-, and pectoral-fin rays unbranched; no uncinate process… Continue reading Zeiformes


Belongs within: Acanthomorphata.Contains: Zeiformes, Gadiformes. The Paracanthomorphacea are a clade of spiny-finned fishes united on the basis of molecular data. <==ParacanthomorphaceaB-RB13 |–Zeiogadaria [Zeioigadiformes]B-RB13 | |–ZeiformesB-RB13 | `–GadariaeB-RB13 | |–GadiformesB-RB13 | `–Stylephorus [Stylephoridae, Stylephoriformes, Stylephoroidei]NE12 | `–S. chordatus Shaw 1791O99 `–Percopsiformes [Percopsaria, Salmopercae]B-RB13 |–SphenocephalusP93 [Sphenocephalidae, SphenocephaloideiB96] | `–S. fissicaudus Agassiz 1839P93 |–Percopsidae [Erismatopteridae, Percopsoidei]NE12 | |–Massamorichthys… Continue reading Paracanthomorphacea


Belongs within: Paracanthomorphacea.Contains: Macrouroidei, Gadidae. The Gadiformes include cod, hakes, pollock and related, mostly marine fishes. Many species, particularly in the family Gadidae, are commercially significant. Characteristics (from Bond 1996): Soft-rayed, physoclistic, usually with cycloid scales, thoracic or jugular pelvic fins; orbitosphenoid absent; mesocoracoid absent; premaxillaries excluding maxillaries from gape; caudal fin (if present) isocercal,… Continue reading Gadiformes