Belongs within: Labridae. Labrus is a genus of wrasses found in the eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean. <==Labrus Linnaeus 1758L58 |–L. anthias Linnaeus 1758L58 |–L. auritus Linnaeus 1758L58 |–L. bergylta Ascanius 1767LD09 |–L. bimaculatus Linnaeus 1758L58 |–L. chinensis Linnaeus 1758L58 |–L. cretensis Linnaeus 1758L58 |–L. cynaedus Linnaeus 1758L58 |–L. exoletus Linnaeus 1758L58 |–L. falcatus Linnaeus 1758L58… Continue reading Labrus

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Belongs within: Percomorpharia.Contains: Choerodon, Cheilinus, Xanothon, Lepidaplois, Julidinae, Labrus, Scarus. The Labridae, wrasses, are colourful warm-water marine fishes characterised by sharp, heavy teeth at the front of the mouth in conjunction with crushing pharyngeal jaws (Bond 1996). <==Labridae [Callyodontidae, Coridae, Scaridae] |–+–HarpinaeR13 | | |–Lachnolaimus maximusND13 | | |–Harpe rufaR13, F15 | | |–PimelometoponR13 |… Continue reading Labridae

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Belongs within: Percomorpharia.Contains: Anthiidae, Epinephelidae, Serranidae, Triglimorpha, Notothenioidei, Percidae. The Serraniformes are a clade of fishes united by molecular data, uniting the Percidae and Serranidae sensu lato with taxa historically classified as Scorpaeniformes, Gasterosteiformes, etc. <==Serraniformes [Grammistidae, Grammistinae, Notothenioidea, Notothenioidi]LM13 | i. s.: TrachypomaSC07 | Apistus Cuvier 1828S57 [incl. Polemius Kaup 1858S57, Pterichthys Swainson 1839S57;… Continue reading Serraniformes


Belongs within: Percomorpharia. The Uranoscopiformes are a clade of fishes united by molecular data, many of which were historically treated as ‘trachinoids’. <==Uranoscopiformes [Paratrachiniformes, Paratrachinoidei] |–+–Cheimarrichthys [Cheimarrichthyidae]ND13 | | `–C. fosteri Haast 1874LD09 | `–Pinguipedidae [Mugiloididae]ND13 | |–Chilias xanthozona (Bleeker 1849) [=Percis xanthozona, Parapercis xanthozona]M58 | |–Pinguipes chilensis Valenciennes 1833LD09 | |–NeopercisR13 | `–Parapercis [Parapercidae]ND13… Continue reading Uranoscopiformes


Belongs within: Triglimorpha. The Triglidae, sea robins, are slender marine fishes with a broad head encased in bony plates and large pectoral fins (Klein-MacPhee & McBride 2002). Characters (from Klein-MacPhee & McBride 2002): Head broad, encased in bony plates, mouth small, snout dorsally depressed; body slender; pectoral fins large, fan-like, with three modified rays; separate… Continue reading Triglidae


Belongs within: Serraniformes.Contains: Etheostoma, Percina. The Percidae are a Holarctic family of freshwater fishes bearing two dorsal fins with fewer than 23 rays in the second dorsal fin, five or more pelvic-fin rays, one or two anal-fin spines, and a lateral line that does not extend onto the caudal fin (Stauffer et al. 1995). Knocked… Continue reading Percidae


Belongs within: Chaetodontidae. Chaetodon is a genus of butterflyfishes with an incomplete lateral line ending in the vicinity of the last rays of the dorsal fin, ten to sixteen dorsal fin spines with the third to fifth dorsal-fin spines not distinctly longer than the others, and coloration lacking vertical bars, with more than two vertical… Continue reading Chaetodon


Belongs within: Percomorpharia. The Ephippiformes are deep-bodied, laterally compressed fishes found in tropical and subtropical oceans. <==Ephippiformes |–DrepaneND13 [DrepaneidaeB-RB13] | |–D. africana Osório 1892LD09 | |–D. longimana (Bloch & Schneider 1801)H01 | `–D. punctata (Linnaeus 1758) [=Chaetodon punctatus, Harpochirus punctatus]M58 `–Ephippidae [Chaetodipteridae, Rhinoprenidae]ND13 |–Chaetodipterus faberND13 |–Eoplatax papilio (Volta 1796)P93 |–Archaephippus asper (Volta 1796)P93 |–Platax [Platacidae]ND13… Continue reading Ephippiformes


Belongs within: Sciaenidae. The Sciaenini are sciaenid fishes with a single-chambered swim bladder lacking diverticula, and lacking a perforate chin barbel (Darovec 1983). Sciaenini |–Leiostomus xanthurus Lacépède 1802D83, K-M02 |–Equetus Rafinesque 1815D83 | |–E. lanceolatus (Linnaeus 1758) [=Chaetodon lanceolatus, Eques lanceolatus]D83 | `–E. punctatus (Bloch & Schneider 1801)D83 |–Pareques Gill 1876D83 | |–P. acuminatus (Bloch… Continue reading Sciaenini

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Belongs within: Percomorpharia.Contains: Ostracioidei, Triacanthodidae, Monacanthidae, Balistidae, Tetraodontidae, Diodontidae. The Tetraodontiformes are a cosmopolitan group of fishes characterised by a small mouth with few, often enlarged teeth or with massive beak-like tooth plates, a small gill opening on the side of the body, scales that are usually modified into spines, enlarged plates, or a carapace,… Continue reading Tetraodontiformes