Belongs within: Percomorpharia.Contains: Cirrhitoidei, Centrarchidae, Terapontidae. The Centrarchiformes are a clade of marine and freshwater fishes associated by molecular data that are most diverse in temperate and subtropical waters. <==Centrarchiformes | i. s.: Dinolestes [Dinolestidae]SC07 | `–D. lewiniSC07 |–+–PercalatesND13 | | |–P. colonorumND13 [incl. P. fluviatilisG75] | | `–P. novemaculeataND13 | `–+–+–CirrhitoideiND13 | | `–+–CentrarchidaeND13… Continue reading Centrarchiformes


Belongs within: Centrarchiformes.Contains: Cirrhitidae. Of hawks and marble Published 9 January 2021 The acanthomorph fishes (a major clade of fishes mostly characterised by the presence of spines at the front of the dorsal fin) have long been recognised as a particularly thorny problem for higher-level systematics. Morphological relationships between many of the large number of… Continue reading Cirrhitoidei


Belongs within: Centrarchiformes. Empire of the sunfish Published 27 February 2013 Do you remember when this particular nightmare was vomited forth from the jaws of pop culture hell? Yes, this was the execrable Billy the Bass, just one more reason we can all be glad that the 90s aren’t around any more. But what was… Continue reading Centrarchidae