Belongs within: Percomorpharia.Contains: Nemipteridae, Lethrinidae, Sparus. The Spariformes are a clade of marine fishes found in tropical and subtropical shallow coastal waters, united by specialisations of the suspensorium (Betancur-R. et al. 2013). Gender’s just a state of gonads Published 30 September 2010 This is the fish that goes by the name of ‘snapper’ in New… Continue reading Spariformes


Belongs within: Spariformes. Give us a kiss! Published 13 November 2007 The fish genus Lethrinus is found in tropical waters of the Indian and western Pacific Oceans, with a single species making an incursion into the eastern Atlantic. The group is commonly known as emperors, though I have heard people here in Australia refer to… Continue reading Lethrinidae