Belongs within: Percomorpharia.Contains: Ostracioidei, Triacanthodidae, Monacanthidae, Balistidae, Tetraodontidae, Diodontidae. The Tetraodontiformes are a cosmopolitan group of fishes characterised by a small mouth with few, often enlarged teeth or with massive beak-like tooth plates, a small gill opening on the side of the body, scales that are usually modified into spines, enlarged plates, or a carapace,… Continue reading Tetraodontiformes


Belongs within: Tetraodontiformes. The Balistidae, triggerfishes, are deep-bodied, shallow-water fishes in which the first spine of the first dorsal fin can be locked in an erect position (Matsuura 2015). Characters (from Matsuura 2015): Body deep, moderately compressed, encased in very thick, tough skin with large scales easily discernible as individual units; scales above pectoral-fin base… Continue reading Balistidae


Belongs within: Tetraodontiformes. The Ostracioidei are marine fishes that have the body almost entirely encased in a rigid carapace of enlarged scale plates (Matsuura 2015). Characters (from Matsuura 2015): Body almost completely encased in bony shell or carapace formed of enlarged, thickened scale plates, usually hexagonal in shape and firmly sutured to one another; carapace… Continue reading Ostracioidei


Belongs within: Tetraodontidae. Tetraodon is a genus of freshwater pufferfishes found in Africa (Matsuura 2015). <==Tetraodon Linnaeus 1758M15 |–T. abei Roberts 1988M15 |–T. baileyi Sontirat 1985M15 |–T. biocellatus Tirant 1885M15 |–T. cochinchinensis Steindachner 1866M15 |–T. duboisi Poll 1959M15 |–T. lagocephalus Linnaeus 1758L58 |–T. lineatus Linnaeus 1758M15 |–T. mbu Boulenger 1899M15 |–T. miurus Boulenger 1902M15 |–T.… Continue reading Tetraodon


Belongs within: Tetraodontiformes.Contains: Takifugu, Canthigaster, Sphoeroides, Tetraodon, Arothron. In a pufferfish’s garden Published 9 January 2015 I don’t know if it applies in other parts of the world, but one animal that you are guaranteed to see in the estuary here in Perth is pufferfish. One of the most instantly recognisable fish families, pufferfish (Tetraodontidae)… Continue reading Tetraodontidae