Belongs within: Acanthomorphata.Contains: Callionymoidei, Dactylopteriformes, Aulostomoidea, Macrorhamphosoidea, Scombridae, Bramidae, Trichiuridae, Centrolophidae, Stromateidae. The Scombrimorpharia are a diverse clade of fishes supported by molecular data. They unite two morphologically disparate groupings, the largely reef-dwelling Syngnathiformes and the pelagic Scombriformes (Betancur-R et al. 2013). <==ScombrimorphariaB-RB13 |–Syngnathiformes [Syngnathoidea, Syngnathoidei]ND13 | | i. s.: Aulorhamphus bolcensis (Steindachner 1863)P93 | |… Continue reading Scombrimorpharia


Belongs within: Scombrimorpharia. The Scombridae, mackerels and tunas, are fast-swimming predatory fishes inhabiting the open ocean. Characters (from Collette 2002): Streamlined form tapering to snout and tail, scales absent or very small, two dorsal fins, one spiny and one soft, 5–12 small finlets behind soft dorsal fin and behind anal fin, very slender caudal peduncle… Continue reading Scombridae


Belongs within: Syngnathidae. Syngnathus is a genus of pipefishes with a full complement of fins, and the lower but not the upper ridge of trunk and tail continuous (Smith 1963). Characters (from Smith 1963): All fins present. Snout variably short to long. Ridge on opercle, short or complete. Upper ridge of trunk and tail not… Continue reading Syngnathus


Belongs within: Scombrimorpharia.Contains: Callionyminae. The Callionymoidei are small marine fishes with broad heads and a small mouth (Smith 1963). Characters (from Smith 1963, as Callionymiformes): Head usually broad, depressed. Body without scales but with lateral line well defined, those of each side generally connected over occiput, sometimes also over peduncle. Usually two dorsal fins (exceptionally… Continue reading Callionymoidei


Belongs within: Scombrimorpharia. Pomfrets of the high seas Published 15 February 2011 The Bramidae, commonly known as pomfrets, are a cosmopolitan family of pelagic fishes, found mostly in the upper layers of the world’s oceans. Pomfrets are teardrop- or elliptical-shaped, deep-bodied and strongly-compressed fish with a single long dorsal fin that is ventrally mirrored by… Continue reading Bramidae