Belongs within: Protacanthopterygii. The Esociformes are a Holarctic group of carnivorous freshwater fishes, characterised by the presence of preethmoids and paired proethmoids in the place of the mesethmoids, the absence of an adipose fin and of the orbitosphenoid and mesocoracoid, and the loss of teeth on the maxillaries (Bond 1996). They include the Esocidae, pikes,… Continue reading Esociformes


Belongs within: Salmonidae. The Salmoninae, trout and salmon, are salmonids with small scales, teeth on the maxilla, and less than sixteen rays in the dorsal fin. Salmoninae |–BrachymystaxB96 `–+–AcantholinguaB96 |–+–Salmothymus obtusirostrisB96, B50b | `–PlatysalmoB96 `–+–+–HuchoB96 | | |–H. hucho (Linnaeus 1758)SE08 | | `–H. perryi (Brevoort 1856)I92 | `–SalvelinusB96 | |–S. alpinusF16 | | |–S.… Continue reading Salmoninae


Belongs within: Osteoglossocephalai.Contains: Esociformes, Salmonidae, Galaxiidae. Protacanthopterygii: a brief history of a vague idea Published 19 June 2018 There are some taxon names whose concepts are rock-solid, that have been universally recognised since their inception almost without variation. There are some taxon names that are coined, potentially linger through one or two subsequent uses, then… Continue reading Protacanthopterygii