Belongs within: Osteoglossocephalai.Contains: Stomiidae, Gonostomatidae, Sternoptychidae. The Stomiatii are a clade of fishes united by molecular data, uniting the deep-sea Stomiiformes with the freshwater or diadromous Osmeriformes. <==StomiatiiB-RB13 |–Stomiiformes [Phosichthyoidei, Photichthya, Photichthyoidei, Stomiatiformes, Stomiatoidei]B-RB13 | | i. s.: Azemiolestes praeviusP05 | |–+–StomiidaeND13 | | `–Gonostomatoidei [Gonostomata]CH02a | | |–GonostomatidaeND13 | | `–SternoptychidaeND13 | `–Phosicthyidae [Photichthyidae]CH02b… Continue reading Stomiatii

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Belongs within: Stomiatii. The Gonostomatidae, bristlemouths, are small, slender-bodied oceanic fishes that are abundant in the mesopelagic and bathypelagic zones (Harold 1999). Ubiquitous fish Published 15 June 2007 At this point, I would like you to consider the Gonostomatidae, commonly known as bristlemouths. If the names are not ringing any immediate bells, then shame on… Continue reading Gonostomatidae