Belongs within: Urochordata.Contains: Didemnidae, Polyclinidae, Ascidiidae. The Enterogona are a group of tunicates united by features of the larva, in which the atrial cavity develops from paired dorsal invaginations. <==Enterogona |–AplousobranchiataS79 | |–DidemnidaeS79 | |–PolyclinidaeS79 | `–ClavelinaMG-H11 [ClavelinidaeS79] | |–C. arafurensis Tokioka 1952BS17 | |–C. gemmae Turón 2005F05 | |–C. huntsmaniSBM11 | |–C. lepadiformis (Müller… Continue reading Enterogona


Belongs within: Deuterostomia.Contains: Enterogona, Pleurogona. The Urochordata, tunicates, are spineless chordates that possess a notochord and postanal tail in the tadpole-like larval stage but usually loose them when they metamorphose into adults. Characters (from Miller & Harley 1996): Notochord, nerve cord and postanal tail present in free-swimming larvae; adults sessile or planktonic, usually enclosed in… Continue reading Urochordata


Belongs within: Urochordata.Contains: Polycarpa. The Pleurogona are a group of tunicates characterised by a folded pharyngeal basket, and the lack of an abdomen. <==Pleurogona [Stolidobranchiata] |–MolgulidaeMG-H11 | |–Eugyra arenosaM62 | |–BostrichobranchusSM10 | `–Molgula Forbes & Hanley 1848M86 | |–M. citrinaSM10 | |–M. elva Kott 2008MG-H11 | |–M. ficus (MacDonald 1859)BS17 | |–M. hirta Monniot 1965M86… Continue reading Pleurogona


Belongs within: Enterogona. The Didemnidae are a group of tunicates whose small zooids form encrusting colonies. <==Didemnidae |–AtriolumMG-H11 | |–A. bucinum Kott 2001MG-H11 | `–A. tubiporum Kott 2001MG-H11 |–LissoclinumMS98 | |–L. badium Monniot & Monniot 1996BS17 | |–L. bistratum (Sluiter 1905)BS17 | |–L. maculatum Kott 2001MG-H11 | |–L. molleMS98 | |–L. patella (Gottschaldt 1898)BS17 |… Continue reading Didemnidae