Belongs within: Tenthredinidae. Tenthredo is a diverse genus of often colourful sawflies widespread in Eurasia and North America. Larvae feed on a variety of hosts with many host plants being herbs or subshrubs. The larvae of the European species T. mesomela feed on herbs of the families Ranunculaceae and Polygonaceae. Tenthredo Linnaeus 1758 [incl. Tenthredella… Continue reading Tenthredo


Belongs within: Tenthredinidae.Contains: Euura (Euura). The Nematinae are a group of sawflies found primarily in the Holarctic region; they are the dominant sawfly group in the Arctic and Subarctic, but become less predominant in more southern regions (Smith 2003). Members of the genera Phyllocolpa, Pontania and Euura induce galls on willows and poplars (Kopelke 2007a).… Continue reading Nematinae

Categorised as Eusymphyta