Belongs within: Tenthredinoidea. The Pergidae are a group of sawflies most diverse in Australia and South America with fewer species in North America and Asia. They are divided between numerous subfamilies with the largest species belonging to the Australasian Perginae. Larvae of this subfamily are often notable defoliators of Eucalyptus. Perginae and Philomastix have the… Continue reading Pergidae


Belongs within: Tenthredinidae. Dolerus is a genus of sawflies found in northern temperate regions with larvae mostly feeding on grasses and horsetails. Dolerus Panzer 1801 [Dolerinae]M99 |–D. abdominalisR26 |–D. aprilisB28 |–D. ciliatusMS01 |–D. desertusA83 |–D. dubius [incl. D. dubius var. abietis] MS01 |–D. erythrogonusR26 |–D. fasciatusR26 |–D. fissusMS01 |–D. fumosus Stephens 1835M99 |–D. haematodesMS01 |–D.… Continue reading Dolerus