Belongs within: Aculeata.Contains: Chrysis, Ellampus, Hedychrum. The Chrysididae, cuckoo wasps, are a group of parasitoid and cleptoparasitic wasps in which the terminal metasomal segments form a telescopic tube that is usually concealed by the preceding six or fewer terga (Naumann 1991). Members of the Chrysidinae are heavily sclerotised and brightly metallic in coloration, and have… Continue reading Chrysididae


Belongs within: Chrysididae. Ellampus is a genus of small, stoutly built cuckoo wasps with the apical margin of the abdomen truncate or subtruncate and medially incised (Bingham 1903). Characters (from Bingham 1903): Head transverse, as broad as pronotum or broader, facial cavity subtriangular, arch above narrowing distinctly, moderately deep; antennae slender, cylindrical. Thorax broad, very… Continue reading Ellampus


Belongs within: Chrysididae. Chrysis is a genus of cuckoo-wasps parasitic on fossorial and other wasps, many species of which have prominent teeth on the apical margin of the abdomen (Bingham 1903). Characters (from Bingham 1903): Female with head varying in shape, triangular or subtriangular, rounded and convex above, occasionally globose, sometimes broader than long, rarely… Continue reading Chrysis