Belongs within: Pimplinae.Contains: Xanthopimpla, Pimpla. The Pimplini are a group of ichneumon wasps that develop as endoparasites in lepidopteran pupae. Final instar larvae of the Xanthopimpla and Pimpla groups have a strongly developed epistomal arch and totally reduced hypostoma whereas the hypostoma remains well developed in Theronia and other basal genera (Gauld 1984). Wasps with… Continue reading Pimplini


Belongs within: Pimplinae. The Rhyssini is a group of ichneumon wasps characterised by transverse rugae on the mesoscutum together with a cornute process on the hind end of the last visible tergite in females (Gauld 1984). The develop as parasitoids on wood-boring larvae of beetles and wood wasps; females have elongate ovipositors in order to… Continue reading Rhyssini


Belongs within: Ichneumonidae.Contains: Paraphylax, Gelis. The Phygadeuontini are a diverse group of ichneumon wasps, most species of which are small with two bullae in the forewing vein 2m-cu. Some species have only a single bulla, but are also uniformly blackish with wings less than five millimetres in length (Gauld 1984). Ant-like ichneumons Published 15 March… Continue reading Phygadeuontini


Belongs within: Ichneumonidae. Enicospilus is a cosmopolitan genus of ichneumon wasps, most diverse in tropical regions. They are commonly associated with disturbed habitats. Recorded hosts include moths of the families Noctuidae and Lymantriidae (Gauld 1984). Representatives are commonly characterised by more or less twisted mandibles, and detached sclerotised patches in the discosubmarginal cell of the… Continue reading Enicospilus


Belongs within: Ichneumonidae. The Heresiarchini are a cosmopolitan group of large ichneumons in which the propodeal ‘boss’ is formed from the entire area superomedia and the strongest carinae radiating back from it are the ones separating the area dentipara from the areae postero-externa (Gauld 1984, as Protichneumonini). Members of the Eurasian genus Heresiarches have sickle-shaped… Continue reading Heresiarchini


Belongs within: Ichneumonidae.Contains: Losgna, Ichneumon, Amblyjoppa. The Ichneumonini are a diverse but poorly defined group of generalised Ichneumoninae mostly parasitic on large Lepidoptera. Species are often sexually dimorphic with males and females differing in colour pattern (Gauld 1984). Exemplars include the Indo-Australian genus Lissosculpta, with distinctive coarsely punctate sculpture anteromedially on the second metasomal tergite and… Continue reading Ichneumonini


Belongs within: Ichneumonoidea. The Sigalphinae are a cosmopolitan group of braconid wasps that develop as endoparasites of Lepidoptera (Achterberg 1993). The first metasomal tergite is immovably joined to the second in the Afrotropical genus Minanga but free in other genera. Characters (from Achterberg 1993): Scutellum with medio-posterior depression; fore wing with marginal cell short, acute… Continue reading Sigalphinae


Belongs within: Ichneumonoidea.Contains: Xoridinae, Atrophini, Glyptini, Banchini, Euceros, Phygadeuontini, Hemigasterini, Cryptini, Scolobatini, Temelucha, Ophion, Enicospilus, Tersilochinae, Mesochorinae, Oxytorinae, Metopiinae, Labeninae, Brachycyrtinae, Campoplegini, Gravenhorstiini, Phytodietini, Orthocentrus, Pimplinae, Diplazontinae, Ichneumonini, Phaeogenini, Platylabini, Trogini, Oedicephalini, Heresiarchini, Compsophorini, Joppocryptini, Listrodromini, Alomyini. The Ichneumonidae, ichneumon wasps, are a diverse group of elongate-bodied parasitoid wasps, often with a strongly exserted ovipositor… Continue reading Ichneumonidae


Belongs within: Apocrita.Contains: Ichneumonidae, Urosigalphini, Doryctinae, Braconinae, Rogadinae, Opiinae, Alysiinae, Aphidiinae, Ichneutinae, Cheloninae, Macrocentrinae, Orgilinae, Agathidinae, Helconinae, Sigalphinae, Euphorinae. The Ichneumonoidea are a hyperdiverse group of parasitoid wasps, most of which are more or less slender-bodied with multi-segmented antennae bearing a short scape. Living species are mostly divided between the two families Ichneumonidae and Braconidae,… Continue reading Ichneumonoidea


Belongs within: Ichneumonidae. The Gravenhorstiini are a group of very slender ichneumon wasps that develop as parasitoids of Lepidoptera. They possess two spurs on the mid tibia and lack differentiated laterotergites on gastral segment 3 (Gauld 1984). <==Gravenhorstiini [Therionini]G84 |–TherionP93 | |–T. circumflexumP93 | `–T. morioG84 |–Perisphincter Townes 1961G84 | |–*P. tisiphone [=Agrypon tisiphone]G84 |… Continue reading Gravenhorstiini