Belongs within: Doryctinae. The Rogadinae are a group of braconid wasps that are endoparasites of Lepidoptera larvae, leaving the host mummified. Members of the tribe Yeliconini have tarsi with the telotarsus greatly enlarged and the preceding segments shortened, and the tarsal claws coarsely pectinate. The New World tribe Stiropiini is characterised by a granulate sculpture,… Continue reading Rogadinae


Belongs within: Ichneumonoidea. The Aphidiinae are a group of braconid wasps endoparasitic on adult and nymphal aphids, characterised by a smooth scutellar sulcus. Species of the genus Aphidius and Trioxys have been used as biological control agents. Aphidiines are divided between the Ephedrini, in which the forewing has vein SR1 complete and the marginal cell… Continue reading Aphidiinae


Belongs within: Doryctinae.Contains: Aspilota. The Alysiinae are a group of braconid wasps endoparasitic on cyclorrhaphous Diptera. Members of the Alysiinae have exodont mandibles that are straight or curved outwards, with tips not touching when closed, and with three or four (rarely two) teeth or lobes (Achterberg 1993). These mandibles are used by the wasp to… Continue reading Alysiinae


Belongs within: Ichneumonoidea. The Euphorinae are a diverse group of endoparasitic braconid wasps bearing fore wings with a curved RS vein and vein Cu1b unsclerotised or absent. Members attack insects belonging to a range of orders including Coleoptera, Lepidoptera, Heteroptera and Orthoptera. They are somewhat unusual in that they often attack adult hosts. Members of… Continue reading Euphorinae


Belongs within: Ichneumonoidea. The Urosigalphini are a group of braconid wasps with a ventrally depressed clypeus, enlarged hind claws and a relatively long ovipositor. Species of the mostly New World genus Urosigalphus are parasitoids on beetle larvae in seeds; the hosts of the Old World Canalicephalus are unknown (Achterberg 2002). Characters (from Achterberg 2002): Clypeus… Continue reading Urosigalphini


Belongs within: Pimplinae.Contains: Dreisbachia, Zonopimpla. The Ephialtini is a diverse (probably paraphyletic) group of ichneumon wasps associated with a range of insect and arachnid hosts. Characters (from Gauld 1984): Small to moderately large; ovipositor usually as long as or longer than gaster; forewing with 3r-m present or absent; hind wing with first abscissa of Cu1… Continue reading Ephialtini


Belongs within: Pimplinae. The Neoxoridini are a group of ichneumon wasps parasitic on wood-boring beetle larvae. Characters (from Wahl & Gauld 1998, as Poemeniini): Apical margin of clypeus without median tubercle; clypeus small and subrectangular, or large and convex; gena denticulate; mesoscutum without transverse rugae; epicnemial carina absent; metapleuron usually swollen; propodeum elongate, spiracle at… Continue reading Neoxoridini