Belongs within: Aphelinidae.Contains: Aphelinus. The Aphelininae are small chalcidoid wasps with a linea calva and six or less antennal segments. Genera include Marlattiella with just three antennal segments in males and four in females (Hayat 1983). Aphelininae [Aphytini]HB13 | i. s.: Pteroptrixella Girault 1932G32 | `–*P. metallica Girault 1932H83 | MashimaroHB13 | Arrhenophagus chionaspidisWB37 |–Marietta… Continue reading Aphelininae


Belongs within: Coccophaginae. Coccophagus is a cosmopolitan genus of small wasps including parasitoids of scale insects. It is distinguished from many related genera by its relatively setose thorax, while it and the antennae are usually not markedly (Hayat 1983). Characters (from Hayat 1983): Body moderately setose; antenna usually 8-segmented (1, 1, 3, 3), sometimes 7-segmented… Continue reading Coccophagus


Belongs within: Aphelininae. Aphelinus is a genus of minute wasps that are parasitic as larvae on aphids. Characters (from Hayat 1983): Antenna six-segmented; axillae slightly to strongly projecting forwards, usually extending caudad beyond anterior pair of scutellar setae; mesopleurum divided by an oblique suture into epimeron and episternum; distance between posterior pair of scutellar setae… Continue reading Aphelinus


Belongs within: Coccophaginae. Prospaltella is a genus of wasps parasitic on scale insects, currently regarded as a junior synonym of Encarsia. Pteroptricini |–Coccophagoides Girault 1915MH11, H83 [incl. Diaspiniphagus Silvestri 1927H83, Primaprospaltella DeBach & LaSalle 1981H83] | |–*C. abnormicornis [=Coccophagus abnormicornis]H83 | |–C. fuscipennisMH11 | |–C. moeris [incl. Prospalta similis, C. similis, *Diaspiniphagus similis]H83 | |–C.… Continue reading Pteroptricini