Belongs within: Chalcidoidea.Contains: Aphycus, Microteryina, Encyrtus, Miraini, Ectromatini. The Encyrtidae are a family of small wasps whose larvae are mostly endoparasites of Hemiptera or insect larvae. The species Anagyrus pseudococci has been widely reared commercially for use in mealybug control. Encyrtids have historically been divided between two subfamilies, Tetracneminae and Encyrtinae. Females of Tetracneminae possess a… Continue reading Encyrtidae


Belongs within: Encyrtidae. Aphycus is a genus of wasps parasitic on Pseudococcidae (mealy bugs). <==Aphycus Mayr 1876GM79 |–A. alberti Howard 1898GM79 |–A. albicornisA71 |–A. aligherini Girault 1932G32 |–A. argenteus Girault 1936G36a |–A. atriphragma Girault 1936G36a |–A. bowensis Girault 1932G32 |–A. buderimi Girault 1936G36a |–A. coccidiphagus Girault 1917GM79 |–A. ichneumon Girault 1936G36b, G36a [=A. iohneumon (l.… Continue reading Aphycus


Belongs within: Encyrtinae. The name ‘Mirini’ has been used for a tribe of parasitic wasps in the Encyrtidae; this name is, however, a junior synonym of a tribe of plant-bugs in the Heteroptera. It should be called the Bothriothoracini. Characters (from Beardsley 1976, as Bothriothoracini): Tarsi 5-segmented; forewing, when present, with marginal, postmarginal and stigmal… Continue reading Mirini