Belongs within: Chalcidoidea.Contains: Trichogramma, Oligositinae. The Trichogrammatidae are a group of minute chalcidoid egg parasites characterised by the possession of three-segmented leg tarsi. Members are divided between the Trichogrammatinae, in which the aedeagus has accessory structures such as a phallobase, parameres and volsellar digiti, and Oligositinae, in which the aedeagus is simple and tubular (Naumann… Continue reading Trichogrammatidae


Belongs within: Trichogrammatidae. Oligosita is a genus of minute wasps including egg parasitoids of Hemiptera. Characters (from Girault 1918): Antenna seven-segmented, with funicle one-segmented; clava three-segmented, distinct, with true terminal spine. Fore wing with marginal vein long, straight and slender; stigmal vein subsessile; marginal cilia long; discal cilia sparse (or not dense), subnormal, no oblique… Continue reading Oligosita


Belongs within: Trichogrammatidae. Trichogramma is a genus of minute egg parasitoid wasps. Species of this genus are among the most widely used wasps in the biological control of Lepidoptera species. Characters (from Girault 1918): Female antenna six-segmented; funicle two-segmented, shorter than pedicel; clava solid, without terminal nipple. Male antenna four-segmented, with long and nodular single-segmented… Continue reading Trichogramma