Belongs within: Cynipoidea.Contains: Diplolepidini, Aulax, Neuroterus, Dryophanta, Synergus, Aylacini, Cynipini. The Cynipidae are a family of small phytophagous wasps forming galls in angiosperms, though some are inquilines of other gall-formers (Grimaldi & Engel 2005). They are characterised by a medially constricted metascutellum, an open marginal cell on the fore wing, and the absence of a lateral carina… Continue reading Cynipidae


Belongs within: Cynipidae.Contains: Andricus (Andricus). The Cynipini, oak gall wasps, are a tribe of cynipids that induce galls in species of Fagaceae. <==CynipiniRN-A01 |–DisholcaspisRN-A01 | |–D. lasiaBD17 | `–D. quercusmammaBD17 |–AndricusRN-A01 [incl. AphilotrixA81] | | i. s.: A. kollari [=Adleria kollari; incl. An. circulans]RD77 | | A. quercuscalicisPK17 | | A. quercusradicisAN-A04 | | A.… Continue reading Cynipini


Belongs within: Apocrita.Contains: Cynipidae. The Cynipoidea are a clade of small wasps that appear to have been ancestrally parasitic on plant-boring insects (Grimaldi & Engel 2005). The largest members of the clade, reaching 15 mm in length, are members of the genus Ibalia attacking wood wasps of the Siricidae (Naumann 1991). Species of the family… Continue reading Cynipoidea

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